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yourfreehosting.net is very new company established only a few months ago when this review was written. This provider offers free package with 5000 MB space, 50000 MB bandwidth, PHP and MySQL (up to 5 databases) support, full FTP access and instant account activation. Even if yourfreehosting.net website is overloaded with banners and advertisements, we signed up easily. Right after completing signup form we got email with confirmation link and account was created successfully. Server speed was good (no timeouts or slowdowns during all test period) and all the functions worked exactly as they should. yourfreehosting.net hosting packages are sponsored by advertisements, but you will not see any pop-up windows or banners there. they only place some text link ads at the bottom of your page and nothing more. These simple ads didn't cause any problems for us, because everything else is just great. If you don't mind about text links at the bottom of page too, go and signup with yourfreehosting.net today - it's really worth to do so. And this is a copy of their activation email: Your yourfreehosting.net account data: Username: xxx Password: xxx To manage your account via ftp log into ftp://xxx.yourfreehosting.net and via WWW go to http://www.yourfreehosting.net/login.jsp.

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