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Released:May, 2018

Licence:CC BY 3.0 (footer credits must remain in place)

Credits:Images from Unsplash



Agenda is a free event organiser website template for event organisers. With a sparkling and beautifully designed user interface, we give you the power to pull in a crowd for whatever upcoming event you have. It sports a large customizable photo background to make a deep statement at first glance. Participants are now less likely to miss out on upcoming events, as the user interface features a virtual countdown timer to the next big event. Agenda is the springboard for event planners who wish to stand out from the crowd, and pull a substantial online audience. Agenda tells your story to the world, and displays what you are good at. Your website will take participants on a tour of your company profile, an outline of upcoming events, an icon for contact, an option for newsletter subscription, and the option to book tickets immediately. Agenda is ready – to – use, and is the best tool to get your event website up and running in no time.